Village Hall – 8pm - Wednesday 13th October 2021

  1. Apologies

  1. Correspondence

  1. Minutes of AGM 2020

  1. Matters Arising

  1. Society Secretary’s Report

  1. Treasurer’s Report

  1. Show Secretary’s Report

  1. Membership Secretary’s Report

  1. Chairman’s Report

  1. Election of Officers and Committee

            1. Society Secretary

            2. Membership Secretary

i. Resignation of Muir Stratford

ii. Election of Audrey Hammet

            1. Committee –

Philip Beausire, Joan Horwood Barbie Knight, Brian Luckhaus,

Ian McLelland, Graham Peiser, Diane Quayle, Jenny Roberts

  1. 2022 Dates

· Spring – 2nd April 2022

· Autumn – 3rd Sept 2022

· AGM – 19th October 2022

  1. Any Other Business

Jennifer Haynes announced that sadly Merle Liddy had decided to stand down after 27 years of service to the Horti, many thanks were given for her time on the committee and she was presented with a gift of a wooden and engraved bowl.

Sarratt Horticultural Society

Date for your diary - 2021 AGM - 13th October 2021

Minutes of the 2020 Annual General Meeting Held in Sarratt Village Hall

14th October 2020

Present: Some 9 members and the committee. Chair: Jennifer Haynes, who welcomed everyone.

1. Apologies: Rita Musk, Sandra Turner, Diane Quayle, John Rickard, Steven Booth, Jennifer Peiser, Colin Plummer, Carol Chorley, Philip Beausire

2. Correspondence: None.

3. Minutes of AGM 2019: Taken as read, approved and signed.

Proposed: Merle Liddy Seconded: Graham Peiser

4. Matters Arising: No matters arising.

5. Society Secretary’s Report (Sandra Turner) – A difficult year as our other officers will indicate in their reports. However, we have been able to communicate with our members with updates on any activities run by the society or externally. The new website was an added bonus with thanks to David Butler for being generous with his time to set this up for us and Steven Booth is now resident expert. If you have anything you want to share with the members then please email us at on and we can let the members know. We recommend that your regularly go to the website. .

A quick reminder that we will not be collecting subscriptions next year.

6. Treasurer’s Report (John Gill): Financial Report by the Treasurer for the year ending September 30th 2020.

The society showed a deficit for the year of £526 compared with the prior year deficit of £47.

Subscription and donation income was down slightly on the prior year at £618. Income from the programme advertisement amounted to £100 and the society raised £236 of income through the pop up stall in support of the Village Hall. There was no income relating to the shows or annual trips given these were all cancelled as a result of the restrictions in place.

Overall the Society generated total income of £954

Total expenditure for the year, which included subscriptions, memberships and sundry administration costs, amounted to £1,480 which was ahead of the prior year primarily due to the purchasing of new boards for the shows, costs and expenses incurred for the new website and the donation of the pop up stall income to the Village Hall, all of which were one-off in nature. The expenses for the 2019 AGM amounted to £135.

This left the Society with a deficit for the year of £526. Despite this the overall financial position remains sufficient with closing funds at September 30th 2020 amounting to £3,615, the bulk of which is retained by the HSBC bank with the remainder held in cash.


The Statement of Account for the Society for the financial year were circulated. Further information on income and expenditure is available on request.

Jennifer Haynes mentioned that we took £93 for the 1st pop up stall which was given directly to Sarratt Care. It was noted that this should have gone via John Gill so that it was properly noted in the accounts. He will make a note of it in the records. £236 was for the 2nd pop up stall.

Graham thanked the Horti for their donation on behalf of Sarratt Care.

John Gill said that we will lose some income next year but although we will have a deficit it is nothing to be concerned about.

Accounts circulated and accepted Click here to view accounts

Proposed – Ian McClelland; Seconded – Brian Luckhaus

7. Show Secretary’s Report (Steven Booth) - Two shows were planned for this year. Sadly, the Covid-19 pandemic caused them both to be cancelled. The Spring Show was at the start of the lock-down period when there was no access to any facilities and group gatherings were banned.

The Autumn Show was planned for a period when small numbers would have been allowed in the Village Hall but it was impractical to hold the show in a safe manner.

Given the nice weather we had during the summer and the amount of time people had spent in the garden and pursuing hobbies this year, I feel confident we would have had a fantastic show. But sadly, it was not to be.

The 2020 Schedule will be adopted for 2021 (and members are asked to note the show dates for next year are 27th March and 4th September).

8. Membership Secretary’s Report (Muir Stratford) – In this strange and unusual year, I can report our membership number to be 205, lower than last year but with no Shows or main events, it has not been possible to track those members missed in January. There has been no incentive for new members to join, although I have continued to present membership forms and newsletters to new residents where known.

We have managed to produce 2 newsletters during the year and I must thank our deliverers of these as well as our January subscription collectors.

Thank you also to all our committee members whose help is always available when needed.

Let us hope that we may return to some normality and 2 Shows next year.

9. Chairman’s Report (Jennifer Haynes) – This year, the first time in 132 years of our Society, we have had to cancel the Spring and Autumn Shows, due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. Social distancing made it impossible to continue. When the Spring Show in April had to be cancelled, we didn’t think that we wouldn’t have an Autumn Show either. An unprecedented situation.

We did however have two pop up plant sales, the generous donations going to village charities, by courtesy of Jane Fielder, who lent her garden at the side of a busy footpath. The summer


passed with most of our members growing their own vegetables and gardens looking beautiful with members having more time to tend them. Our outing to RHS Hyde Hall was cancelled too.

A visit was arranged to the White House gardens in Chandlers Cross by kind invitation of Mr and Mrs Khan at the end of July. 25 members were shown round the gardens in three groups, social distancing of course. It was a very hot day and Mr and Mrs Khan provided welcome refreshments. We thanked Mr. Khan for a very enjoyable and interesting afternoon.

Sandra Turner, our hard-working Secretary, has sent out many emails and notifications to members during this period. We have tried to keep in touch with members.

We took this quiet period to launch our Sarratt Horti website and we have David Butler to thank for building this website. I hope all members will visit the website - The website is being kept up to date with photos and news items.

I would like to thank the Committee for their support during this year. It has certainly been a quiet one for the Society.

I hope that 2021 will give some normality and our Spring and Autumn Shows will take place as they have over the past 132 years.

10. Election of Officers (following 2-year term) and Committee.

a) Chairman: Jennifer Haynes

Proposed: Muir Stratford Seconded: Graham Peiser

b) Show Secretary: Steven Booth

Proposed: Ian McClelland Seconded: John Gill

c) Treasurer: John Gill

Proposed: Jennifer Haynes Seconded: Merle Liddy

Jennifer Haynes announced that sadly Merle Liddy had decided to stand down after 27 years of service to the Horti, many thanks were given for her time on the committee and she was presented with a gift of a wooden and engraved bowl.

Audrey Hammet has agreed to come onto the committee

Proposed: Kate Soothill Seconded: Graham Peiser

11. 2021 dates

• Spring Show: Saturday 27th March 2021

• Autumn Show: Saturday 4th September 2021

• AGM: Wednesday 13th October 2021


12. Any other business

Jennifer Haynes thanked Jenny Roberts for sorting out the Village Hall for tonight’s AGM. Brian Luckhaus thanked Jennifer Haynes for her efforts to keep things ticking along in what has been a strange year.

Muir Stratford passed on Colin Plummer’s thanks to the Horti for the money raised for the village hall.

There is a possible intermittent problem getting into the website which Jennifer Haynes will mention to David Butler. There doesn’t seem to be a problem if you put the website into Google. Graham Peiser asked if there was a link to the horti website from the village website. Apparently there is under ‘profile’.

The business of the AGM closed at 8.28pm - unfortunately with Covid restrictions no cheese and wine were able to be served afterwards.


Previous AGMs


Minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting Held in Sarratt Village Hall on the 16th October 2019

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