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A welcome to the Autumn Show 2021 and we had a great turnout for entries (over 250) and visitors.

The winners were:

· Dahlia Trophy Flo Garvey

· Arthur Pritchard Trophy (Roses) David Butler & Natalie Morris

· Frederick Barber Trophy (Other Flowers) Natalie Morris

· David Osborne Trophy (Veg & Fruit) Steven Booth

· Best Vegetable or Fruit Cathy Vines

· Loader Trophy (Flower Arrangements) Marilyn Butler

· Elsie Collins Trophy (Cookery) Ian McClelland

· Staughton Cup (Jam) Flo Garvey

· Flight Cracknell Trophy (Arts & Crafts) Kate Soothill

· AE Cox Trophy (Children’s) Sam McClelland/ Jack Harris

Grace Harris/Marshal Cameron

· Three Rivers DC Trophy (Family) Rogers Family

· Clutterbuck Trophy (Champion All) Steven Booth


Spring Show 2020 and 2021 - Not held

Spring Show 2019 - Champions

Section 1 Daffodils Pinnaroo Trophy Steven Booth

Section 2 Other Flowers The Dickins Trophy Christine Head

Section 3 Vegetables / Fruit/ Produce The Roy Ward Trophy Joan Horwood

Section 4 Floral Art The Toots Downer Trophy Gill Oxenham

Section 5 Arts & Crafts The Luckhaus Plate Jenny Roberts

Section 6 Cookery The WI Trophy Agnes Bonwick

Section 7 Childrens Classes The Dorrett Trophy Katie Haynes

Champion of All Sections The Bernard Downer Trophy Steven Booth


Autumn Show 2020 - Cancelled

Autumn Show 2019 - Champions

Section A Dahlias Dahlia Trophy John Hopkins

Section B Roses The Arthur Pritchard Trophy Christine Head

Section C Other Flowers The Frederick Barber Trophy Natalie Morris

Section D Vegetables and Fruit The David Osborne Trophy Steven Booth

Section E Floral Art The Loader Trophy Gill Oxenham

Section F Cookery The Elsie Collins Trophy Agnes Bonwick

The Staughton Cup for Jam Merle Liddy

Section G Arts and Crafts The Flight Cracknell Trophy Ian McClelland

Section H Childrens Classes The A E Cox Trophy Emily Tyler, Tabitha Kitching, Alfie Lawson

Family with the highest aggregate points

Three Rivers District Council Trophy Haynes family

Champion of All Sections The Clutterbuck Trophy Steven Booth

Most points from both shows The Morton Neal Trophy Steven Booth